What is Linear Workflow and how can it make your renders look better?

When it comes to 3D rendering, there are a lot of things involved. It’s not easy to create a perfect looking 3D render and takes its own time and effort. But the problem arises when the results come out. 3D is catching up across the world because of its ability to showcase reality. But the concept takes a beating when it fails to do so. Often, 3D rendering artists come across a problem with the image lighting. Sometimes the image would be too dark and sometimes too white.

Correcting the lighting in the image is important and it requires a lot of skill to showcase a scenery perfectly. But as technology has been on the rise in the past few years, so is the solution to this problem. The lighting doesn’t seem to be a problem today because of Linear Workflow.


Linear Workflow confuses a lot of people. People think that it could easily convert an image graphics into an image that looks pleasing to one’s eyes. But, it isn’t. The image gamma plays an important role in setting up the image. The image gamma is calculated during the render process and that’s how lighting is given to a setting. Since the calculation is done in a linear manner, the value of the image gamma of the entire picture corresponds to the lighting in the picture. Hence, whatever you input with reference to the image lighting, will result in the overall lighting. But this helps the 3D artists because they can manipulate the settings. If they want to give a bright light to the picture, they can set the light settings of the elements high which in turn will make the entire image bright.

Often, the color profile that is used for Linear Workflow is sRGB because it’s the standard color space for the internet and also supports the HDTV format. But for linear workflow to work, one has to ensure that the input is done in linear gamma. The output, however, should be seen in sRGB gamma for the best results. It can create a realistic effect for any image which is what computer graphics always wants to achieve. Especially when it comes to a 3D setting, the reality is what matters and the linear workflow helps in achieving just that. It’s a technology that one has to embrace and move ahead in creating some high-quality images and renders.

If you’re still confused about working with linear workflow and has doubts, here are some simple points for you to understand the concept:

    • Linear workflow is not a button. Just because you’ve switched it on it doesn’t mean you would achieve the desired result. Linear workflow is about calculating the inputs of every element in your graphic or 3D design in a linear manner. Since the calculation is considered, it forms the base for the result which could become worse with an improper calculation.
    • We always use the gamma curves at the end of a render to correct the appearance of the images. But what seems good on a computer screen might seem bad once it goes into a composite. Here, the values aren’t corrected linearly and when exported, you get an image that’s dark or bright.
    • Sometimes, after the linear workflow is turned on the image would appear bright or dark than earlier. A lot of people think that there’s a problem with the linear workflow which isn’t the case. It just means that you’ve missed an essential input somewhere else.
    • People want to ditch linear workflow for older methods. Because in older methods, somehow the composition and the lighting were perfect. But this new-fangled technology isn’t making that happen. But it is advised for people to not turn to their older methods and to embrace linear workflow because it is the proper way of acquiring a realistic picture.

A lot of 3D rendering companies are using linear workflow for their work. Always get your 3D rendering from such companies because of the photorealistic effect and the smooth workflow that they have.

What is Linear Workflow and how can it make your renders look better?
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What is Linear Workflow and how can it make your renders look better?
A lot of 3D rendering companies are using linear workflow for their work. Always get your 3D rendering from such companies because of the photorealistic effect.
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3D Motion Studio
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